Denmark, Position of the Communist Party of Denmark

Position of the Communist Party of Denmark

Changing governments – bourgeois as well as “center-left” based have for a number of years put a massive pressure on the public sector in Denmark. What they often bother – the so-called welfare society – where the community takes care of the weak, the sick, the unemployed, the old and the children, are consistently undermined by massive annual cuts in public sector budgets, with major consequences for the affected groups as well the public servants forced to run even stronger to deliver a steadily weaker result as a result of the continuous erosion of the sector as a whole.
This human hostile policy dictated by Brussels through various tra ktater, regulations, directives etc. affects all EU countries, but also broader. No European country can opt out of subjugating the EU’s monopoly capital.
In Denmark, we clearly saw the EU and with them the Danish government – a Social Democratic leader – in 2013 a violent assault on a group of public servants with a legal intervention that violated teachers’ working time rules to implement a miserable reform of primary school.
These days, the entire public sector is thrown into a real meaningless conflict – with the EU as a penitentiary – with the purpose not only to categorize the part of the working class that is publicly employed but the entire Danish working class. It will force public employees rhyme elige and fully legitimate wage demands down, so as to push wages also for private sector employees.
The goal of monopoly capitalism is clear – through their tools – the EU – the working class must pay for their ever increasing demands for profit maximization. The entire working class wherever imperialism prevails is heavily attacked on wages, working conditions, occupational health and safety in employment. In Europe with E U as the tool to achieve it’s will.
Marx and Engels magnificent appeal – proletarians of all countries, unite -is today as necessary as ever.
With the counter-revolution in the Soviet Union and the majority of the socialist world, the working class has been severely weakened. But this setback and the blood it has given imperialism on the teeth has not diminished, but, on the contrary, increased the requirement for the class struggle as a whole and we must be true – the communist parties in particular
Our response must be indispensable to strengthen both national and, not least, international solidarity.
At the same time, we should be aware and aware of the fact that capital created the capitalist nation state to take care of the entire interests of the entire bourgeoisie and therefore with a degree of autonomy.
Today, the imperialist states settle their own state formation to replace this with superstitious regulation. This process has more facets. An obviously undemocratic (EU) , a sharpening of contradictions in capitalism itself, an increased popular resistance – currently primarily expressed by petty populist parties (we should ask ourselves why the answer – our response – on the obvious lack of capitalism of capitalism to achieve that society , building on human real needs , can not today convince and show the way for the masses. )
There are many answers to this. that the struggle for awareness and information is extremely controlled by monopoly capital.
Individualization and the lack of faith in the unity of power and strength, a general dilution of the historical consciousness. Contract.
Our task is multifaceted and complicated, but indispensable just for us and the class.
As my party chairman expressed it at the World Conference in Leningrad-Sct. Petersburg 2017:
Live a new October Revolution.