Norway, Position of Communist Party of Norway

Position of Communist Party of Norway


When NKP returned from Russia in November, an attack from the social democratic leader of the largest workers’ association in Oslo awaited us. He does not consider NKP welcome in the May 1st parade. He wants to prohibit the use of the hammer and sickle and yellow star. Thus, I was invited to speak on nationally broadcast news. The national labour union (LO) voted no to his proposal, but this man’s attitude is the McCarthyism of today, and illustrates the false “comrades” we communists have to struggle with in the cooperative platform of the Norwegian trade movement. Certain social democrats want to fraction the trade movement and prohibit communist activities.

The market liberalists are governing Norway. Social democracy is running the labour movement into the ground with their control over the trade unions. They are on team with the capitalists and profiteers.

The struggle against Norwegian membership in the EU energy union – ACER – has mobilized the labour movement and masses. The people are concerned about higher electricity bills and termination of jobs in industry. Capital is being exported to other countries where labour and electricity is cheaper. Only 8% of the population supported membership. The false flag of social democracy is becoming more transparent for many, when they made the decisive vote in parliament to join.

The further struggle will be about whether Norway will join the EU bureau of employment, and let the EU dictate job relationships despite us not being EU members. The people have clearly declined membership in two referendi.

Social democratic support is declining according to polls, and gives an opening to opportunistic parties, patching the wounds of capitalism. They don’t want revolution, they want to make capitalism more pleasant.

The working class is alive and well, even though some claim there is no longer any such thing in Norway. Class differences are increasing faster with a conservative government. Workers are losing their rights, one by one. The work force is being sold without an increase in buying power. Less than 50% of workers are organized.

The working class is being robbed by degradation of workers’ rights through more temporary employment, longer hours, a higher retirement age, no increase in real wage and suggestions of shorter vacation leaves. We are fighting against shops being open Sundays. Social rights are being degraded.

Employees hired full time through temp agencies, go without pay between assignments. Foreign workers make less money than Norwegians, resulting in social dumping and xenophobia. Tax cuts benefit the rich. This goes against the rights fought through by our forefathers.

There is a risk of a major strike in the private and public sectors in this years main labour negotiations, as the parties do not agree on retirement demands or paid food, shelter and travel. The EFTA court has decided travel during work hours counts as work.

Employer crimes are on the increase. Resolutions that seek to improve conditions are voted down in Parliament. Only 9 out of 160 members of parliament have professional experience. They make close to 1 000 000 NOK (about 100 000 €) a year, and have secured themselves a good public pension. They do not represent ordinary workers.

Companies that do not want to follow the legal obligations of wages and working conditions, threaten union representatives. Murder threats occur.

The market is free for the capitalists to secure their profits, and pollution and depletion of natural resources is the result. Society is moving away from the feeling of community. We and ours is becoming me and mine. We need to turn this trend, comrades.

The bourgeois is manipulating statistics on unemployment. “Wealthy” Norway has a child poverty rate of 10.3%.

This November, NATO is arranging the largest military exercise in 20 years in Norway. You are hereby invited to participate in the demonstration against Trident Juncture in Trondheim. Stop NATO and imperialist wars!

Communists have the analysis that gives the foundation to ending capitalist exploitation. Dialectical materialism is our weapon. It is essential that the working class is familiarized with our revolutionary knowledge and experience, so that the class role against capitalism is understood. Workers must know that they belong to the working class, be made aware of their own special interests, and understand the power and value of labour. In a country as highly developed as Norway, the conditions are right for a different system; Socialism/Communism. The prerequisite is that the working class owns the means of production when less labour is necessary, so that the surplus can be evenly distributed and more free time can be created for everyone in the future.

Solidarity with the workers of all countries in our common struggle. Workers unite!