Spain, Position of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

Position of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain

The 11th Congress of the PCPE, held in November, analyzed the reasons why our work in the labour and trade union movement had been barely effective and pointed out the ways to overcome this situation, which the CC has immediately implemented.

The work of our Party in the labour and trade union movement starts from two undeniable realities: the hegemony of the social democracy in the labour movement and the trade union dispersion. Both are factors that we must confront with few forces in number and, until the 11th Congress, with no presence in the work centers and with an erratic intervention in the trade union movement.

In this new period, our main slogan is “For a country for the working class“, which means that all our efforts are directed to prepare the conditions for the assault to the power, to implant the dictatorship of the proletariat in Spain, which implies the overthrow and destruction of the bourgeois state.

We think that our work, therefore, should have as its main objective to extend the influence and organization of the Party within the working class, to develop class independence and to connect the struggle for the defence of living and working conditions with the struggle for the overthrow of capitalism and for the construction of the new socialist-communist society.

The preparation of the socialist revolution necessarily implies that the communist forces focus on the working class, on its constitution in conscious class, in class for itself. Therefore, all the work of the Party is oriented in that direction, in a process that we call “workers’ turn” and that is articulated in several lines of work, counting on a strategic dimension and a tactical one.

The workers’ turn has a strategic dimension, insofar as we start from the fact that the working class is the only genuinely revolutionary class, center and leadership of the social alliance that we intend to raise against the ruling class. The tactical dimension of the workers’ turn starts from the recognition of the limited influence of the Party within the working class, which is essential to reverse, avoiding any dispersion of our forces, which must concentrate on intervention between the working class and its organization. .

The workers’ turn implies a methodical work on the ideological level, aimed at extending the positions of scientific socialism among the working class against the current ideological hegemony of the bourgeoisie. We fight for the ideological independence of the class, for the hegemony of the scientific thought of Marxism-Leninism within the working class.

The workers’ turn implies a methodical work at the political level, aimed at revealing the class character of each government measure and the different proposals of the rest of the political forces, elaborating the political positions of the Party from the point of view of the interests of the working class, based on its material reality and scientific evidence that the needs of the working people can only be fully and durably met in the socialist-communist society. We fight for the political independence of the working class, so that it recognizes the Communist Party as its party and the communist program as its program.

The workers’ turn implies a methodical work in the organizational level, aimed at the Party being present in the work centers and in the determining productive sectors. Only in this way can the communist forces exert an effective political and ideological leadership, making the party organizations of the work center become combat organizations of the revolutionary working class.

For all these reasons, our main objective until the 12th Congress is the creation of Party organizations in the strategic productive sectors. We are dedicating 2018 to define where and how the PCPE will create stable company and sector party organizations.

The workers’ turn implies, in addition, that the communist militants must focus on intervention in the trade union movement, organizing the struggle of the working class in defence of their working conditions and elevating the economic struggle to political struggle, elevating the spontaneous class struggle to conscious class struggle.

Therefore, in the trade union movement, our priority is to have a real and effective presence in the unions, aimed at raising the class consciousness, to unify the struggles and, with it, to unite the working class. We want to group growing sectors of the working class under the influence of the Party and the class oriented union positions, and therefore we do not work in a single trade union confederation. The trade union affiliation of our members prioritizes work in those unions that, due to their affiliative base, functioning and positions in each work center and sector, allow to develop more effectively the communist policy.

Besides, our trade union work is focused on the bodies or union responsibilities and on the bodies of workers’ representation in the companies which are more linked to the work centres. This allows us to make a direct work with the workers, aimed at strenghtening the trade union line that we promote and easening the creation of Party base organizations in the work centres.

The 11th Congress of the Party has opened a new stage in which the fundamental objective is to increase the presence and communist influence within the labour and trade union movement. This stage is a stage of accumulation of forces under the strict application of the trade union policy agreed upon by the Party, and will result in the organization by the Central Committee of a Labour and Trade Union Movement Conference to be held in 2020. This Conference will set new objectives that will allow the Party to arrive at the 12th Congress having produced a qualitative leap in its organization, influence and leadership capacity among the working class.