Switzerland, Position of Swiss Party of Labour

Position of Swiss Party of Labour

After World War II, and especially during the last decades, the global political context has greatly changed.

At first, the injuries of the war kept the memories alive regarding those responsible for the crimes against humanity and their roots. The social system in the “West ” countries did not change however. Therefore, “business as usual ” quickly took over.

Since 1989,  things got worse,  as there’s no counter-power anymore preventing capitalism from attacking the worker rights.And the system has its way to let it slide by, to keep the workers in a”sleepy” state in order to continue to use them .

In this context, why is activism necessary into the workplace ?

Simply because this is the very place where the exploitation occurs. This is where the inequalities are observed everyday, hour, and minute.

The political work is in the way a communist approches his coworkers, and makes them feel the way they are used by such a system. It is important then to create something with those who have this feeling of injustice and exploitation, with those who disagree on the current workers’ conditions. From these informal meetings we need to enlarge the movement and create opportunities to act on these conditions. Ultimately, unions that support the class fight ideology against capitalism should be founded and maintained. By definition, these organisations must not make any compromise with mouvements or parties who deal with the market economy initiatives.

We need to fight by any means those I call the “new masters”: these unelected people assigned by the establishment to take crucial decisions, which consequences affect the labor world… The EU and their banks are plenty of them. Among others, e.g., hospitals managing directors are widely driven to centralize medical activities. Politicians support them while playing the usual Pontus Pilatus… Nowadays, this is a very well known situation in Switzerland.

The political work has to take place where the exploitation exists at its most. Not only state related companies, but also banks, corporates (including but not limited to pharmaceutical& luxury goods industry), schools, universities.

In Switzerland, the so-called “paix du travail ” (meaning “labour peace”) domines since 1937 the relationship between unions and employers. In reality, it offers to the market economy a large set of possibilities to achieve their objectives and constantly reduce the workers’ rights and dignity. These rights are always more questioned by the same board of employers, raising the international economic context to oppress the working class and demand it to adapt to drastic conditions of work. Beyond any other consideration, such dogma preserves the capitalist system , while keeping the political system “out of the hood”. The latter continues thus to be largely “irrigated” by lobbies and free to govern against social progress.

As long as such agreements subsist, no hope remains to protect workers. The working class must take their destiny into their own hands, out of humiliating compromises with the market masters.

A lot of people complain that nothing can be done against this political system, especially in a conservative place like Switzerland. We do not count on a single Falciani ! We need to fight together to create plenty of conscious Falcianis, to make them fully aware of their responsibility.  And they can make the change !

Then the dominant class will be forced to show its real face.

PS : Note that in Switzerland trade unions simply do not exist or have really limited power in large domains of economy including small businesses but also multinationals.